The Musician’s Guide To Financial Freedom Through Private Music Lessons

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We work with private music educators and help them grow and expand their businesses.

We provide business support for music educators similar to how record labels provide support for artists.


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Ella Glasgow

“Tim was such a great teacher. I was really inspired by the course and can’t wait to implement the things he taught us. There was SO much information given in this course. I’m still digesting a lot of it. Two of the biggest things for me, at this point, will be the workbooks and my new confidence in raising my rates.”

Dave Lockwood

“If you’re skeptical about purchasing an instructional program on the internet, you should be! However, not in Tim’s case. Tim has put A LOT work in to the program, so you will get MORE than what you pay for here, I have no doubt. It’s obvious to me that Tim cares about the success of those that decide to make the leap with him to work on their businesses. He adds that rare personal touch. The rest is up to you – do it!”

Brian DePrimio

“I wish this product had been available when I first began my career teaching music lessons. I did not set up and maintain my business properly and experienced unnecessary problems and turmoil as a result. Music Money Formula comprehensively covers every problem that I experienced, and most importantly… provides solutions for them. I believe that it is a MUST-have for anyone who is currently teaching or interested in teaching private music lessons in any capacity.”