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Your mistake… Is not making mistakes

Hey everyone, I spoke to a young lady this week who
wants to teach private lessons, but is having a hard time
getting started.

Her words were:
“I don’t want to advertise or put myself out there until
I’m 100% ready, cause I don’t want to make a mistake
possibly lose a student.”

Here’s what I told her… (Hope you find this helpful too)
Just about every move you make when growing your
business or career is not permanent.

You are going to continue to update your website.  You’ll
try new methods of getting clients, new teaching methods,
new programs…  Some things will work and some won’t.
The only “permanent decision” is to not move forward for
fear of making a mistake.

If you are not making mistakes… you aren’t trying hard

“The road to success is always under construction”
-Lily Tomlin

Do the best you can to always do what’s best for your
student and always be learning and growing… Your
students will respect you more for it.

Keep rockin!

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