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You are worth it!

Hey everyone! I recently got an email from a guy who is
having a hard time with the concept of charging a high rate.

He said that he feels like the easiest way for him to get
students is by advertising on Craigslist and that most of
the other private instructors are advertising $30 to $40 an
hour, so he feels like he has to be competitive and charge
a little bit less… Because he “really” needs the work.

There are a lot of really key points here for you to benefit from.

1. This guy is right… Craigslist is easy.  You don’t have to put
out a lot of effort into advertising there… But it’s also much
harder to get a big reward.  Craigslist is saturated with content
so most of the people looking for services there are looking for
bargains, which makes people drive prices lower and lower to
get clients.

2. When you charge less to “stay competitive” you are telling
your potential clients that your time isn’t very valuable.  So you
start appealing to people who can’t really afford lessons in the
first place, which means you’ll get a lot of cancellations.  But if
charge more than everyone else on Craigslist you will apeal to
people who can afford regular lessons… You won’t get as much
response, but when you do get a client at… say $80 per lesson..
from craigslist, then at least you know they’ll be a good client.
And by charging more you will stand out from the rest.

3. This guy said he “REALLY” needs the work.  My heart goes out
to you bro… I know how it feels.  But I also know that making
decisions based on desperation is not the best way to move
forward.  When you are desperate you start to undervalue your
service in order to “just get by”.  I have done this and it turns into a
vicious cycle.  What you MUST DO is believe in what you have to
offer, and believe that it’s valuable.

4.  Building a roster of “high paying” clients is not easy.  You are
going to need to use more than just craigslist if you want to have 25
lessons a week all paying $100 per lesson. (This is totally doable by
the way)  You will need to network and hustle to get in front of a “high
paying” audience.  But trust me… YOU ARE WORTH IT!  What you
have to offer is worth the extra work!  You have the ability to positively
change someone’s life by teaching them how to play music…
That is worth a LOT OF MONEY and it’s worth your extra effort to
find the people who will pay you what you deserve.

Hope this helps!

Post below if you have any questions.

Rock on!


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