Trusted strategies for making a six figure income through private music lessons.

You are the expert… So take charge!

Don’t be afraid to be in charge.

If you are getting a student started with music lessons and the
parent says things like:

“We only have time to do lessons every other week”.

“My child wants to learn Coldplay… But I had to learn classical
music when I was a kid, so that’s what my child has to do too”.

“We are going to try lessons with Jimmy on this cheap
plastic guitar, and if he practices then we’ll invest in a
good one”.


You need to be the adult in the room and tell the parent what is best
for the student. You know the correct answers, you know what is
going to set a student up for success.

Make sure the students parents know too.

You will end up with better students and most parents will respect you
more for being direct and setting their kid up for success.

Rock on!

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