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Get fully booked this fall…Take advantage of the summer!

Today I want to make sure that you are setting yourself up to get fully booked during the back to school rush this fall.  Summer can be a slow season for private lessons, but its the perfect time to plan and take steps to get lots of new students when school starts again.

Do these two things this summer and you can see huge results this fall.

1.  Get involved in kids summer activities.  This is a great way to meet kids and parents.   Basically you want to go where the families are.  Your goal is to get to know them and let them get to know you, and make sure they know you are a private music teacher.  They may even want to get started with lessons over the summer.  But because most families travel during the summer I’ve found that it’s best to get their contact info and tell them you’ll contact them this fall. (About the time they are gearing up for school)


Here’s some great summer activities you should get involved with.

  • Summer camps/day camps.  Find local summer camps and day camps.  Make sure that they are fairly expensive so you are sure it’s catering to your kind of client.  You may be able to get jobs at camps… but it’s worth getting involved even if you volunteer your time.

  • Swim meets.  Check with the people at your local swim stores and try to meet people who are putting on swim meets and competitions.  These are great places to meet families.  Try to get involved with swim events even if you are just showing up and giving out free popsicles or sun screen. (Be sure to give out your business card too).. 😉


2.  Network.  Use this summer to get to know people who can connect you with your ideal clients.  Then when school starts and parents are looking for after school activities you already have a network of people referring you… And you can refer them to to your clients as well.

Here’s what you should be doing to network this summer.

  • Create new affiliate relationships with:  Swim coaches, basic ed tutors, chess tutors, party planners, grade school teachers, music store clerks….anyone who comes in contact with your potential clients.  Get to know them and let them know how your affiliate program works.

  • Attend networking meetings.  Yes, this is a real thing.  There are events in every city where professionals come together to meet and find out how they can help each other’s business.  Some of these events are free, but most require a fee to attend.  Sometimes they are a waste of time… and sometimes you meet someone who sends you tons of clients… So they are worth checking out.  Just google “networking group” and your zip code.

It’s the perfect timing right now to start looking and planning ahead.  The back to school season will be here in about 10 weeks, and taking steps like these is a great way to either kick start, or expand your teaching business.

And keep in mind, parents usually wait until after the child has their school routine before they book after school activities… The rush of new clients usually starts around mid september or October…. So be patient.  If you are doing all these steps, you’ll see the payoff!

Now go shake things up!

Rock on!!



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