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About Tim

Hey there, I’m Tim Guille.  I’m a music instruction expert (I think that’s a real title).  I’ve been teaching GUITAR, PIANO, DRUMS, VOICE, and BASS for 11+ years and have taught over 10,000 lessons.  And since I started my company All Play Music  ( 8 years ago, I’ve directed over 30,000 lessons.

So you could say that music is my life, and education is my focus…. I also compose for film and TV, but that’s a side project. (see,

But before my career in music took off, I was a struggling (more like STARVING!) musician….  When I moved to LA from Boise ID, I couldn’t get a paying gig to save my life… It took way too long, in my opinion, for music to support me.  But if I knew then what I know now, all those hard years in the beginning could have been avoided. I hope the info I’m providing here gives you the leg up that I was missing.


Tim Guille

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