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3 mistakes on your website

Hey everyone! I’ve had a lot of people ask me to take a look at their websites and give them feedback. I took a look at 20 sites and found the same three mistakes on almost all of them.

Change these three things on your website and you will get more students from your ads.

Mistake number 1. Music is playing when the site opens. This is a great way to get someone to leave your site. Consider this. Your buyer is a parent… Most parents work… While they are at work they get online looking for cool shit for their kid to do… So when they open your site and music starts playing they immediately have to shut it off, (Click out) or get caught surfing personal stuff at work..

The solution:
Shut off the auto play. The only person who likes it is you.

Mistake number 2. Your teaching page is not featured. All of you have a page in your site that is dedicated to your teaching… But, its not the focus of your site. Most of your home pages are about your band’s, recordings, gigs and shit like that… The problem with this is that it doesn’t tell a prospective buyer that you are a private music teacher. It makes your buyer have to work to find out the info they need…You have to make a choice, what is your focus? If you want to make solid $$$ as a music educator you must make teaching a top priority… Think about what your prospective buyer wants to see, not what you want to see.

The solution:
Make your lessons page the focus of your site.
Make it the home screen, or at a minimum have pictures of you teaching on the home screen, and a massive link to your teaching page.

Mistake number 3. Not showcasing students. The best way for parents to trust you to teach their kid is for you to already be teaching other kids… Pictures of you teaching children is absolutely necessary on your web site.

The solution:
If you already have students get the parents permission and have the parent take a picture of you during a lesson.
If you don’t have students yet, find a friend or family member with a child and teach the kid for free in order to get some photo’s.
(Make sure you don’t list the child’s name on your site… Parents don’t like it, and it’s just a really bad idea)

Making these few simple changes is a great step in the right direction for your teaching business.

Good luck!!
Rock on!!

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  1. timguille says:

    You’re welcome Ditta, I’m glad you are finding this info helpful.


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